Payment Methods

Shopify facilitates the payment transactions for our webshop Quetzal Artisan. Once payments have been settled, we are notified that the orders can be sent. Afterwards, payments received are transferred to our webshop.

In our webshop, you can pay with the followin payment methods:



A safe and well-known Dutch payment method. If you choose to pay with IDEAL, you will be directed to the pay screen of your own bank. We’ll be notified by Buckaroo when the payment is received.

Note: The IDEAL payment transaction period takes a maximum of 15 minutes. The payment must be approved within this period. If it does not happen, the status of the transaction will be set to "expired".



Of German origin, SOFORT is a well-known payment method in Europe. German and European customers can easily and securely pay online via Sofort Banking.



A well-known payment method in Belgium. Our Belgian customers can pay online quickly and securely via Bancontact.



PayPal is a payment option for clients worldwide. You can pay with PayPal by means of an automatic withdrawal or a linked credit card.



American Express, Visa and Master Card

Are Credit card payment options for our customers worldwide.

Note: Orders placed with Credit Cards will only be sent to the account holder's home address.


Bank Transfer

When you choose to pay with Bank Transfer, you'll receive an email from Shopify with information about the payment process. Once the payment is made with Shopify, Shopify will notify us.



Powered by Shopify, Shop Pay allows customers to checkout even faster by securely storing their shipping and payment information.



Quetzal Artisan accepts payments with a digital wallet: Appel Pay and Google Pay.



We accept the Webshop gift card!

If the desired product has a higher purchase value than the amount on your Webshop gift card, you may pay the remaining amount with e.g. IDEAL.

In case of return, the amount paid with your gift card will be refunded on your gift card account and the rest will be refunded to your bank account.

When you redeem your Webshop gift card, you must enter the 19-digit gift card number on the payment page (not in the coupon Code field of the Webshop).

Note: “The Webshop Giftcard concept, has been change. If you wish to use the balance of your card in our webshop, you will need to transfer your balance to a Quetzal Artisan giftcard. You can do this at the website of the Webshop Giftcard, via this link: Webshop Giftcard.

If this link does not work; you can copy the following address on your browser.



Would you rather be sure that the product suits you and pay for it after delivery?:


 - KLARNA – Buy now, Pay later

You can also shop with us easy and secure with Klarna.

If after receiving your order, you are satisfied and wish to keep it, you can pay it in between 30 days. You will receive the paying instructions from Klarna.


 - RIVERTY - After Pay (Note: this payment method is not yet active)

Riverty (AfterPay) – Pay After Delivery (Netherlands)

Note: Since 4 oktober 2022, is the merk AfterPay changed to Riverty)

Riverty performs the complete pay after delivery process for

This means that you will receive a payment summary from Riverty. With the Riverty App you can view and pay for this payment overview, safely and very easily from your smartphone.

In the online environment My Riverty, you can manage your payment statements from your computer or tablet.

Riverty keeps you informed via push notifications & e-mail when a payment summary is ready for you.

To approve your request to pay afterwards, Riverty performs a data check. Riverty adheres to a strict privacy policy as defined in its Privacy statement.

If your request for payment with Riverty is not authorized, you can of course pay your order with a different payment method.

You can always contact AfterPay if you have questions about this payment method. For more information, please refer to Riverty / AfterPay.


If you have questions about our payment methods, you can always contact us through the contact page or per e-mail.