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Scarf Jewel Tones Magenta - Bead Accents - Beautiful & Fair

Scarf Jewel Tones Magenta - Bead Accents - Beautiful & Fair

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This beautiful Scarf Jewel Tones Magenta is soft and silky. Precious stones are the inspiration of this fairtrade scarf. The intricate block pattern is embellished with bead accents. 

This Scarves Jewel Tones are handwoven on a backstrap-loom by Mayan weavers in remote areas in Guatemala. Using the ancient Jaspe technique and inspired on the beautiful color of precious stones, Kakchiquel Mayan women, members of the fair-trade cooperative  "Las Estrellas", created these unique scarves just for you. 


  • Measures: 187cm x 23cm (including fringes)
  • Composition: 100% Rayon
  • Jaspe waiving technique
  • Handmade in Guatemala
  • Sustainable and Fair-trade


  • Hand wash in Cold Water. Hang to dry. 
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